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Incorporated in 1988, the town of Apple Valley in California tells many stories about how it got its name. One theory goes that the name was derived from The Appleton Land Company, a local company that functioned in the area in the 1900s. Some people say that the name originated because of the many apple orchards that were present in the region during the 1920s. In fact, it is said that Ursula Poates, who was one of the first settlers in Apple Valley, remarked, “There were some apples being raised along the river in those early days, but not by the ton, so I just cut it down and called it Apple Valley!”

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The town is located close to the southern border of the Mojave Desert, and was well-known for its pleasant climate and dry desert air. Newton T. Bass and B.J. Westlund, who are called the modern founders of Apple Valley, worked on marketing the town as a top-quality residential area and a destination resort. With various ranches and growing businesses, the town progressed rapidly and with it developed several Apple Valley solar companies.

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There are many solar companies in Apple Valley that offer solar power in Apple Valley if you are looking to contribute to this green change. With Apple Valley solar rebate like competitive prices as low as $1.48 a watt, $0 down solar loans complete with tax deductible interest, and complimentary lifetime technical support, there are plenty of Apple Valley solar solutions up for grabs, both for homes and commercial properties.

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Solar installers in Apple Valley also offer DIY installations if you wish to save some more money. Apple Valley residents can opt for Apple Valley solar incentives along with the Federal tax credit of 30 percent, and not only reduce monthly power bills to a significant extent but also reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change. While choosing a solar panel installation in Apple Valley, consider factors like the brand reputation of the solar company in Apple Valley, size and cost of the solar panel, and its energy conversion efficiency.

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