Located near the San Joaquin Valley’s southern horseshoe end, Bakersfield extends into the Sequoia National Forest and the Kern Canyon. The city of Bakersfield is the ninth largest city in sunny California. This metropolitan city boasts a diverse economy centered on oil and agricultural production, aerospace, mining, food processing, and petroleum refining. The city experiences a desert climate with more clear and sunny days than the national average of the country. The number of solar panel installation Bakersfield in CA have increased by a large margin owing to a number of factors. The city is fast becoming one of the solar hubs in California.

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Why is Solar Bakersfield Popular?

The city enjoys long, hot, and dry summers with plenty of sunlight shining down on the homesteads. One of the primary requirements for harvesting solar energy is that there should be ample of clear and unfettered sunlight that can be harvested. Harvesting solar power Bakersfield CA is a possibility because the city meets this primary need.

  • As compared to the national average, residents of California have generally paid more for utility usage than in most other states. This has prompted smart homeowners to look for alternative ways to meet their energy needs. With solar Bakersfield, homeowners can take the utility price rise head on, and lock in rates for the next few decades. Not only does this help them hedge against growing price rise, but solar energy companies Bakersfield in CA is also a great way to save money by generating and selling solar energy.
  • Under the California Solar Initiative, a number of solar rebates are now available to Bakersfield residents. By applying for the right rebates, tax credits, and incentives, homeowners can save up to 70 percent of the costs of solar panel installations Bakersfield!
  • Since California is such a hot market for solar power, there are a number of solar energy companies in Bakersfield that offer best-in-class services and solar panel products. Solar panel installation Bakersfield costs are further offset by the financing options offered by the best solar companies in Bakersfield, Kern county. Residents can choose from buying the solar systems in Bakersfield outright, with a loan, through a lease, or a power purchase agreement (PPA). Most companies offer a $0 down option too.
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