How to Find the Best Solar Providers in Southern California

More people than ever are choosing to go solar today. Higher utility costs, need for a greener alternative, lower cost of solar panels, government rebates, better market innovations, and the presence of reputed and competent solar panel installation companies in California are just a few of the driving factors.

For most homeowners, a chance to lock in energy rates, get high return on investment, and help the environment with solar is a no-brainer. However, choosing the right Southern California solar companies to install the panels is an important decision – after all, your solar panel system is an investment that will last you two to three decades!

Step By Step Guide To Help You Find the Right Solar Providers in Southern California

  • Look for an accredited solar provider
    As more and more people choose to go solar, the rising demand has ensured a steady increase in the number of solar providers in Southern California. Finding an accredited solar provider is a good way to separate the chaff from the wheat. Accreditation bodies such as the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) certify solar providers as PV (Solar) Installers. The first step to check the accreditation of the solar providers in southern California localities.
  • Quality check the equipment
    When you set out to invest in a car, you check to see the make and model of the car so as to not end up with old and outdated technology. Similarly, it is important to check that the solar panel installation companies in California don’t end up foisting outdated equipment on your roof just so that they can offer you the cheapest rates. In the world of solar innovations, older and cheaper panels are also the most inefficient ones.
  • Don’t settle
    You may be tempted to go with the first or the cheapest offer you get – don’t. An efficient model that offers you good return on investment may not be the cheapest one. But don’t be “penny wise, pound foolish”. By trying to save a few thousands of dollars today, you may end up losing $10,000 to $20,000 in energy savings over the next few decades.
  • Ensure that the provider will monitor the system
    Good providers offer at least 5 years of monitoring after the installation. How are you to know that the panels are producing as expected if they are not being monitored? Ensure that the contractor offers monitoring for the system for your peace of mind.
  • Check for paperwork and customer services
    Getting permission, filing incentives paperwork, etc. are time-consuming processes that good solar installers take care of. Your solar provider will be a part of your household for 25-30 years, choose one who is ready to deliver services with a smile.

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