Home Solar Batteries and New Innovations for Solar Energy in Southern California

More and more residences in SoCal are choosing to go solar in order to meet the power needs of their homes. Strong government incentives, tax credits, rebates make going solar an affordable prospect. On the other hand, leaps in technology have ensured that the actual cost of solar panels and their installation has reduced by almost 50 percent over the last few years.

Making the Most of Going Solar

In order to get the maximum advantage from Southern California solar panels, homeowners will have to consume as much solar power as possible during the time that the panels actually produce this power, i.e. during the morning and afternoon, and the utility rates are low. The problem with this is that the peak solar output times are during the day when electricity consumption is lower as most homeowners are out working. There is an obvious solution to this problem – home solar batteries. Home solar batteries form a storage system that allows your panels to store solar energy in Southern California. This saved power can then be put to use later as and when needed.

Solar Batteries and New Innovations

The most common type of home solar batteries available for use for homeowners are lead acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries. However, Southern California solar installers and researchers are constantly pushing for newer innovations and cheaper yet effective technologies. One of the newest innovations in the field of solar energy and batteries is the Tesla Powerwall. Introduced in May 2015 by the CEO of Tesla Motors Inc. Elon Musk, the Tesla Powerwall is a wall-mounted lithium-ion electric battery designed to fit the specific needs of homes and small businesses.

The Powerwall battery charging system coupled with Southern California solar panels has the power to revolutionize the use of solar energy in Southern California. The home battery uses the energy generated by the solar panels during the daytime to charge itself. This power is then used to run your home in the evenings and nights when utility rates are higher. The system is automated, compact, simple to install, and also fortifies your home against power outages with a backup electricity supply system. For those living in areas prone to storms and undependable utility grids, this innovative home battery offers energy security.

This and other innovations in solar energy in Southern California hope to give the renewable electricity market in the state a boost.

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Home Solar Batteries and New Innovations