How Much Does Solar Panel Cost in Southern California

Getting a residential solar power system is considered an investment because the initial costs without financing options tend to be on the higher side. However, how much solar panel cost of going solar is not as high as you think! The cost of installations in SouthernCaliforniaSolar have steadily reduced over the years, thanks to breakthroughs in technology. When you factor in the number of incentives and rebates offered by the California state government and the federal government, the costs reduce even further. According to Clean Power Research, the national average cost of installing a residential solar power system is approximately $17,000. California leads the country in solar power system installations, and the cost of going solar in California is substantially lesser.

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There are a couple of ways you can finance a solar power system in Southern California:

  • Leasing
    In California, customers have two options when it comes to leasing a solar power system, which are PPA (power purchase agreement) and conventional leasing. In conventional leasing, a customer doesn’t have to foot the complete installation cost but a small part of it. They also have the option of buying the system before the lease period is over. In a PPA model, the customer is completely free from paying installation costs. The leasing company offers the customers solar power at a fixed rate during the term of the contract. This rate is generally much lower than the ones offered by utility companies. In both these models, the credits and rebates earned by the system go to the installer. Homeowners benefit because they do not have to pay for installation or maintenance.
  • Buying
    As compared to a decade ago, the cost of buying solar panels has reduced by a large margin. In fact, the overall cost of owning a solar panel system has reduced by over 80% in the last 5 years alone. By buying solar panels, homeowners earn tax credits, solar rebates, state incentives, etc. Furthermore, all the surplus solar power created by the system also belongs to the owner who can further reduce costs by selling the surplus power generated. However, the cost of installation has to be borne completely by the homeowner.

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Don’t write off owning a solar power system as too expensive without getting solar power system estimates by qualified installers – you will be surprised by how economical the systems have become in California. Get your estimates today! Get your estimates today!

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