Is Solar Energy Right for Your Home

With more than 173,000 terawatts of solar energy reaching the earth at any given point in time, solar energy is easily the most flourishing energy resource we have available. However, receiving solar energy and being able to harness the same to run homes and commercial premises are not exactly the same thing. There are a few considerations that you need to ponder on before moving to solar. For example, is solar right for you? Is your home the best fit for solar? How much money does solar energy save?

Where is your home located?

In order to maximize sun absorption, solar panels Southern California are installed at the highest point of your home, which is the roof. Homes with very steep or completely flat roofs may require some restructuring before installations by some of the best solar companies in Southern California. In general, the best fit in terms of home location and structure are homes that have a moderate roof incline, south-facing sections of roof, sunny climate, and open roof space unhindered by trees of surrounding buildings.

What is your average energy bill?

According to the Voice of San Diego, homeowners with average energy bills that cross $100 are the perfect candidates for going solar. Some of the best solar companies in Southern California may also be willing to take on consumers with lower monthly energy bills. In general, smaller bills means that it will take you a longer time to save the cost of your solar installation and begin to save money free and clear.

What is the kWh conundrum?

A kW or kilowatt hour is the basic unit of energy that is equal to 1000 watts of power in 1 hour of time. Your current electricity bill will show you how many kWh you use every month. Based on the statistics released by the US Energy Information Administration, a residential utility customer uses an average of 903 kWh of electricity in a month. Depending on the size of solar panels Southern California you install, you will most likely offset a substantial amount of electricity from your monthly bill. In California, an average-sized (7.5 kW DC) solar power system could help you save up to $250 per month!

Furthermore, solar regulatory agreements allow installation of solar panels at kWh rates that are similar to tier 1 structures of existing electric companies. However, solar systems can handle slightly more usage while keeping you within the same tier 1 rates, which effectively cuts out the higher tier prices from your bill.

With Southern California solar panel rebates, incentives and tax credits, solar could be the win-win solution you were looking for. Get your estimates today. Get started with free estimates from our licensed solar power installers right now!

Is Solar Energy Right For Your Home - Find Out How?