Top 5 Solar Companies in Southern California

The market for Southern California solar energy is a highly competitive one. Solar companies in Southern California offer some of the best deals for residential solar power system installations. Many of them offer comprehensive monitoring, designing, and customer service packages too. With fair financing options, top-class solutions, and plenty of incentives for going solar, it is no wonder that California leads the country in its quest for going green with solar.

Top 5 Southern California Solar Companies:

  • Solar City
    Recognized as one of the success stories in the California solar market, Solar City is the largest solar panel installer and provider in Southern California. According to GTM Research, Solar City features as the number 1 company in the US PV Leaderboard, and is responsible for more than one-third of the total residential solar installations in the country in 2014. Led by Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk, the company offers a no cost installation process. The homeowner can pay the company monthly for the cost of energy used. Furthermore, the company handles every aspect of getting permits, paperwork, creating payment plans, etc.
  • SunRun
    In 2007, SunRun created the business model that most other solar installers in Southern California follow today. Under this model, homeowners can switch to solar without investing in buying solar panels. With no upfront costs and local installation teams, SunRun is the largest provider of 3rd party system finance for solar in the US.
  • SunEdison
    Headquartered in the United States, SunEdison is a global renewable energy company. It is an end-to-end solar provider that designs, engineers and executes ultra-pure silicon home solar systems. The company offers a number of financing options such as buying with no monthly payments, getting a loan without upfront costs, and PPA wherein homeowners pay for the power produced and not for the panels and equipment.
  • Horizon Solar
    Leading solar installers San Bernardino and top Riverside County solar installers, Horizon Solar Power specializes in installations of solar electric, solar pool heating systems, and solar residential power systems in Southern California. This privately owned solar company offers custom-designed projects, assistance with federal tax credits and state rebates, and several financing options.
  • Vivint Solar
    Rounding up the top 5 list of Southern California solar energy companies is Vivint Solar. A bankable name in the home security industry, Vivint moved its sight to the solar industry in Southern California in 2011. It offers a multitude of equipment and financing options to fit different budgets and needs.

When it comes to an investment that will last you decades, it is important to choose from one the most renowned and proven solar installers in Southern California.

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