Buena Park Solar Panel Installation

Located within the Los Angeles metropolitan region, the city of Buena Park is around 12 miles away from Santa Ana. This city in Orange County of California was originally founded by Spanish explorers. In fact, the name of this city may have originated then because the local Spanish settlers used to refer to this area as ‘Plaza Buena’ (‘Good Park’ in Spanish). Today, you can enjoy several exciting attractions and numerous shopping opportunities in Buena Park. It is home to the famous Knott’s Berry Farm, which is an amusement park with a variety of rides and attractions.

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Why Install Solar Panels In Buena Park?

Solar energy is gaining popularity in Buena Park because it the perfect alternative that can help you with the ever increasing electricity rates. Solar panels basically work by harnessing the solar energy, which is a renewable form of energy, and converting it into electricity. Solar panel installation in Buena Park reduces your monthly energy bill and helps you create your very own form of clean electricity. Utilizing solar power in Buena Park, not only helps lower your utility bills, but it also reduces your carbon footprint. There are various solar companies in Buena Park that can help install solar panels in your homes as well as commercial buildings. You can also make use of certain financing options like solar leasing and Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to pay for your solar system.

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Buena Park Solar Incentives and Rebates

In a bid to encourage more people to switch to solar energy, the US Government introduced several solar incentives and solar rebates in Buena Park. As per the Federal Solar Tax Credits, you can claim a credit for around 30 percent of what you have spent on the installation of the solar system. Whether you are a home owner or an owner of a commercial building, you can benefit from this tax credit as a taxpayer. What’s more, even though the solar system will add value to your property, your property tax will remain the same. This is because levying property tax on any improvements related to solar technology is banned in the state of Los Angeles.

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