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The city of Encinitas in Southern California is a beautiful beach city that lies within the northern part of San Diego County. Incorporated in 1986, Encinitas is known for its striking Pacific coastline, charming coastal areas, and spectacular hills. With its many beaches, surfing is a popular activity in Encinitas and the city hosts several surf contests annually. Encinitas has a population of around 60,000, and has a thriving flower-growing industry. The San Diego Botanical Gardens in the city is a treat for the eyes, and the Encinitas Ranch Golf Course provides an excellent relaxation option for residents in the city.

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Popularity of Solar Power in Encinitas

Along with the rest of California, residents in the city of Encinitas have also warmed up to the idea of switching to Encinitas solar power. There are several benefits for homeowners who wish to use this renewable energy source in their homes and reduce their carbon footprint. City authorities have been helping to make homeowners a part of this change by adopting processes that make solar panel installation in Encinitas a hassle-free and affordable affair.

In September 2014, an Assembly Bill made modifications to the provisions of the Solar Rights Act. One of the changes is that the Encinitas City Council has adopted an expedited permit review process for rooftop solar panels in Encinitas for homes with one or two families. Residents can submit permit applications for Encinitas solar panel companies to the Planning Counter or by E-mail, and applications that are eligible will have permits issued in as few as five business days. These permits are for the installation of small solar energy systems, which refers to systems that are 10 kW or less in power for solar photovoltaic (PV) systems and 30 kWh or less for the purpose of solar water heating systems.

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Investing in solar energy in Encinitas is a smart choice for property owners in the city as it not only helps cut down utility bills by half every month, but also because many flexible finance options and Encinitas solar incentives make it an affordable change for residents. Some solar companies in Encinitas even provide $0 down payment finance options for homeowners who want to get a solar panel installation in Encinitas.

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