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Southern California is home to approximately 25.7 million people. Los Angeles County is the most populous county in the country. Receiving more than 300 odd days of sunshine, LA County also boasts an incredible capacity for solar energy harvesting. Even though LA County boasts the highest amount of installed solar capacity in the state (253.2 Megawatts), as per California Solar Statistics, the truth is that approximately 98 percent of the solar energy received by the county is as yet unutilized. Cities like Glendale in LA County are working hard to change this status.

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Glendale CA Solar Incentives to Lower your Electricity Bills

Glendale residents are in the perfect place to take advantage of the solar rebates, Glendale solar incentives, and tax breaks, from state as well as federal governments. At the same time, residents can enjoy the benefits of using clean energy from the sun and paying reduced electricity bills. Depending on your solar panels Glendale installation and the location of your home, you may be able to cut your existing electricity bills by more than 65 percent.

Solar Rebates Glendale

There are a number of Glendale solar incentive under the California Solar Initiative residents can apply for. There are also tax credits from the federal government that help reduce the upfront cost of installing solar energy Glendale.

Even if you do not want to buy the system outright, solar panel company Glendale in Los Angeles County offer a host of financing options. Residents can opt to get a solar panel installation in Glendale paid for on a monthly lease, or through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) option.

Benefits of Glendale Solar Solutions

From online monitoring of the system to see how much solar power you have harvested to excellent customer service, choosing a reputed solar company in Glendale offers you plenty of benefits. Opt for hassle-free installations and easy payment options so you can start saving by going solar today.

If you are an environmentally-conscious resident who is interested in reducing your carbon footprint while saving your hard-earned money by going opting for solar power in Glendale, get connected with the top solar companies in Glendale today and get your estimates today!

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