Why Go Green with Solar? How to Go Green and Save Energy

If you are yet to join the go green solar campaign then its time you take a decision. Act to change your life for better by getting a customized solar power system installed at your house or business office. By opting for solar energy, you can save hundreds of dollars annually on your electricity bills and contribute to an environment which is totally free of carbon emissions. Besides, even precious natural resources will get preserved.

Go Green With Solar Energy – What Does It Mean?

Going green simply means reducing dependency on natural resources like coal or other fossil fuels that are used for generating electricity in power plants. Such a proposition will contribute to preservation of nature in the long run and bring down levels of pollution which are causing harm to planet earth.

Many people might wonder as to why go green. Well, if you opt to go green solar energy solutions, you will not just contribute to the earth’s well being but also contribute to your personal as well as your family’s health.

Ways to Go Green and Save Energy

  • Helpful in reducing or getting rid of costly electricity bills

    Rising monthly power bills may be a cause of worry for homeowners across the United States. You can bring them down drastically or totally eliminate your financial worries by getting tailor-made go green solar power system installed at your home or business office.

  • Secure guaranteed return on your investment

    Returns are guaranteed over a period of time for the money that you spend for installation of solar panels on house rooftops or ground. it has been observed houses with go green solar systems have a selling price which is 20% higher than other ordinary homes.

  • Protect finances against ever increasing energy costs

    Household budgeting has become difficult due to increase in electricity charges year over year over the past decade. To make these expenses stable and predictable, go green solar energy might play a crucial role. Not only do solar systems require minimum maintenance but you could end up saving up to $20,000 over a 20 year period.

  • Solar energy serves to raise selling prices of homes

    Recent studies have shown that homes with solar panel installations can be quickly sold and that too at double prices. Therefore, by joining the go green solar campaign in your state, you need to rest assured that the value of your house will get considerably hiked if you decide to sell it.

  • Can go a long way in boosting energy independence

    Your decision for going green solar will reduce the country’s dependency on foreign oil which is used as raw material for generating costly electricity thereby making the nation energy independent. This will help America save billions of dollars annually on resources required for generating electric power.

  • Helps in creating more local jobs and sustain economy

    It is being predicted that if people decide to explore ways to go green and save energy online then it can lead to creation of more local jobs over the entire next decade and jobseekers will have good pays as well. This way it can help in improving local economy too.

  • Environment will remain protected in the time to come

    Getting cost-efficient solar panels installed at homes or business offices can be a good idea for reducing carbon footprints. Nearly 35% of total carbon emissions in the United States are because of usage of electricity produced by power plants using either coal or nuclear fossil fuels. With solar energy in use that figure will come down drastically.

  • Build brand and show commitment to overall sustainability

    Most of the companies which install solar panels have realized that go green campaigns can be powerful decision making instruments for consumer purchases in near future. Hence, by building brand values and expressing commitment to sustainability of products as well as services, results can be rewarding.

  • Can also be very much useful for increasing employee morale

    Employees have a great role to play in company’s success and consequently, may have a feeling of being engaged at their place of work. This will lead to tremendous boosting of employee morale which is crucial for retaining employees and preventing mass exodus to other companies, thereby reducing turnover rates.

  • Enables top rated solar companies to stay ahead of their competitors

    Most of the solar panel makers and installers have been quick to realize economic as well as social benefits of going green with powerful solar power systems. This realization has helped them to stay ahead of their competitors by providing some of the best deals in the market to home and business office owners.

Important Solar Energy Facts

  • Advanced technologies can be effectively used for converting sunlight, which is a clean as well as renewable direct source of energy, to electricity for running household electrical appliances.
  • Solar lights being wireless, cannot be hooked to external power sources.
  • Use of solar energy can reduce pollution levels and there could be no harmful environmental effects.
  • Solar lighting is preferable for needs of temporary nature like Olympics, fairs, etc.
  • Solar lights are known to be immune to black outs.
  • Outdoor lightings that are powered by solar energy virtually require no maintenance and even batteries don’t require services.
  • Solar lights can enhance security in areas which are poorly lit.
  • Solar lights can function even at night.
  • Solar lights can be operational even when weather is cloudy. Besides, solar generators can charge batteries that have long life.
  • Once solar panels are installed, no money is required for maintenance and solar energy is FREE.

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