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The city of Hawthorne is located in the southwestern part of the Los Angeles County in California. Originally called as the ‘Hawthorne Improvement Company’, the city was founded in the year 1905 by H.D. Lombard and B.L. Harding. At one point in time, Hawthorne was a sundown town, in other words, a ‘whites only’ settlement. In fact, in the 1930s, this town boasted various signs that cautioned the African-Americans to leave the city by sundown. Today, this city has come a long way from its ‘whites only’ past, and people of all ethnicity live together in peace. Named after the New England author, Nathaniel Hawthorne, this city is located in the South Bay region.

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Solar Energy in Hawthorne

The City of Hawthorne is one of those cities in California that have taken tremendous efforts to increase its energy efficacy. While making any decisions on activities and projects, the main priority is always given to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. Business owners as well as homeowners are looking for different ways to go green and save money.

One of these ways is to utilize the solar power in Hawthorne. Since the sun does not charge us for shining, harvesting solar power is basically free. Homeowners just need solar panel installation companies in Hawthorne, and then they are good to go. There are several Hawthorne solar installers that will be happy to hear from you and clear all your doubts.

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Benefits of Solar Panel Installation in Hawthorne

Once you have installed a solar system, there are various benefits that you can enjoy. Some of them include energy independence, lower utility bills, reducing carbon footprint, boosting the value of your property, and going eco-friendly.

Hawthorne Solar Rebate Program

When you considering to switch to solar panels in Hawthorne, there are a number of rebates and Hawthorne solar incentives that you can take advantage of. Many banks provide you a loan for solar panel installation at a lesser interest rate than usual. The Federal tax credits help you claim credit for around 30 percent of your total expenses on the solar systems. What’s more, your property tax remains the same, even after making this new home improvement.

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