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Named after American businessman Henry E. Huntington, Huntington Beach is a seaside city in Orange County in Southern California. With a population of more than 201,000 (2014 census), Huntington Beach is the most populous beach city in Orange County. Nicknamed “Surf City”, Huntington Beach receives more than 300 days of bright sunshine every year. This makes it a great city to harvest solar energy in.

Under the California Solar Initiative, many steps have been taken to make a complete move to solar energy as a way to harness clean electricity. Under the solar rebates program, Orange County and San Bernardino make up for more than 5,700 solar installations and 100 Mw of installed solar capacity.

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Solar Energy in Huntington Beach

While there are many benefits of going solar, it is also important to understand that buying a solar panel installation in Huntington Beach can be an expensive prospect. However, buying solar panels Huntington Beach is not the only option available to residents of the city. Solar companies in Huntington Beach provide a number of financing options to make the prospect of going solar more affordable. Residents can choose to use a loan for buying Huntington Beach solar panels, or lease a system, or sign up for a power purchase agreement (PPA) with a solar company in Huntington Beach. Today, residents can happily choose to go solar for as little as $0 down payments.

All over the world, conscientious citizens are choosing to go solar to reduce their carbon footprint and protect themselves from increasing conventional energy costs at the same time. The state of California is perhaps one of the best places to make this change because residents here have been paying about 30 percent more for utility usage than the national average. By opting for Huntington Beach solar solutions in Orange County, smart homeowners are now locking in lowered energy rates, and hedging against the rising cost of electricity. Huntington Beach solar companies offer industry standard 20+ years of warranty on solar power systems along with a way to monitor your solar energy production and usage.

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