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Huntington Park is a city in California’s Los Angeles County that was incorporated in 1906 to serve as a streetcar suburb for the many industry workers in the region. The story of residents of Huntington Park working at the industries in the area continues even today, with around 30 percent of Huntington Park residents making their living from such industries. Located in the Gateway Cities district, Huntington Park currently is home to approximately 58,000 people.

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An increasing number of home owners in Huntington Park are turning to renewable energy sources such as solar energy, and perhaps one of the biggest reasons for this change is the escalating utility bill that homeowners have to bear every month. There are several solar companies in Huntington Park that are helping residents switch to the environment-friendly solar energy in Huntington Park. Moreover, thanks to the abundant sunshine in the city, solar power in Huntington Park is approximately 68.2 percent more cost-effective than the other parts of the country. Another benefit of getting a solar panel installation in Huntington Park is that the resale value of your property goes up significantly as compared to houses without solar panels.

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Getting a Huntington Park solar panel companies is a smart choice for homeowners as California gets plenty of productive sunlight throughout the year, which you can use to create energy for your everyday needs. Huntington Park solar companies offer many attractive incentives to make solar panels affordable for you, and the federal and state government rebates add to bringing down the cost of a solar installation in Huntington Park. Your options for a solar Incentive in Huntington Park include a ‘solar power purchase agreement’ that can stretch your payment over a number of years and you can get an installation with even a $0 down payment. Once installed, an average homeowner can expect half to the yearly consumption of energy to be generated by the solar system.

Some of the government programs that offer solar rebates in Huntington Park are the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power's (LADWP) Huntington Park solar incentive Program and the federal Energy Policy Act of 2005.

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