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Incorporated in 1866, Kern County is a sprawling county in Southern California that ranges from the Sierra Nevada to the Mojave Desert. Comprising the Bakersfield, CA Metropolitan Statistical Area, the county seat of Kern is at Bakersfield.

The county’s economy is centered on agriculture and petroleum extraction, with a strong military presence in the form of Edwards Air Force Base, the Mojave Air and Space Port, and the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station. The residents are no strangers to Kern County solar energy. Its strategic location offers plenty of sunlight throughout the year that is just waiting to be harnessed by solar panels.

According to California Solar Statistics, Kern County is one of the top 10 counties in California when it comes to maximum number of megawatts of solar capacity installed. With more than 4,544 applications, total megawatt capacity of 87.5, and total project cost of $453,756,985, Kern County is very serious of getting the maximum possible benefit of going solar.

Popularity of Solar Energy in Kern County

There are many reasons for the popularity of solar energy in Kern County. Not only is solar a clean energy option, but it is also a great way to save money on your electricity bills.

  • Kern County solar energy can help you save your hard-earned money! Utility rates and prices in the state of California have always high when compared to the national average. It is projected that electricity prices in California will continue to rise at the rate of approximately 7 percent per year. Investing in solar installations Kern County is a financially smart choice. With solar Kern County or city of Bakersfield, smart homeowners can reduce their electricity bills by 65 percent or more!
  • Solar energy companies in Kern County are constantly contending with each other so as to offer consumers the best discounted deals and financing options. This is a positive thing for consumers who now have more Kern County solar installation options to choose from. Most solar companies in Kern County offer financing to lease the system or use a PPA, get the system $0 down, or buy with a loan.
  • Solar rebates Kern County ensure that the straight-up cost of the system is reduced even more. By applying for the provisions under the California Solar Initiative, CA municipal and county electricity provider incentive programs, and federal tax credits, homeowners can essentially reduce the price of a solar power system installation by about 70 percent.

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