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Located in the northwestern part of Orange County, in California, La Habra is a city founded in 1896. The incorporation of the city took place in January 1925, and the population in La Habra was just 3,000 at the time. Today, La Habra has over 60,000 people staying and working in the city.

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The state of California is a frontrunner when it comes to solar power, and various solar companies in La Habra are helping people get solar panels installed on their properties. In addition to federal tax credits, there are some La Habra solar incentives that make changing to this renewable energy an easy process for residents. In August 2015, the La Habra City Council passed a “Solar Energy Permits” ordinance to the city’s Municipal Code in order to expedite the review process for the installation of small rooftop solar energy systems in La Habra. This ordinance utilizes a “Solar Permitting Tool Kit” to review permits to reduce the review time to 1-3 days from the existing period of 3-10 days. Homeowners opting for solar panel installation in La Habra can also make use of the Federal Energy Policy Act of 2005, which established a tax credit of 30% for buying and installing residential solar installation in La Habra.

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Solar Rebates and Solar Incentives in La Habra

Switching to La Habra solar companies has many benefits for homeowners. An average La Habra household uses around 920 kilowatt hours of energy every month. By getting a solar panel installation in La Habra, you can save at least 50% and even up to 80% on your usual monthly electricity bill. Solar installers in La Habra also offer flexible financing options on the installation of solar panels on your property. Another benefit of opting for La Habra solar panel companies is that it can increase the resale value of your home by as much as $6.00 per watt. In fact, there has been research done which proves that houses that have solar energy systems installed tend to sell 15% faster as compared to homes with traditional power systems.

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