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Long inhabited by Native Americans, the city of Lake Elsinore in California’s Riverside County has a picturesque location on the shore of a lake by the same name, which is the largest natural freshwater lake in Southern California. By the late 19th Century, Lake Elsinore had grown into a small resort town and rapid population growth in the last decade converted the city into a thriving community of upper middle-class people who work and live in Lake Elsinore. The open hillsides in the region have now turned into residential areas, and several affordable housing programs have turned Lake Elsinore into an excellent option for families.

Solar Rebates and solar Incentive in Lake Elsinore

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Similar to the rest of the state of California, Lake Elsinore is a wonderful place for homeowners to switch to solar energy, because it has a sunny climate with an average of 280 days of productive sunlight in a year. You too can take advantage of this fact and get Lake Elsinore solar panels on your roof. This way, you will actually be making energy and not buying it, which is not only an economical option, but will also help you preserve the environment for the future generations. Owing to an increasing number of residents opting for solar panels in Lake Elsinore, there are numerous solar companies in Lake Elsinore that take care of the entire solar system installation process for your home at attractive rates.

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Lake Elsinore Solar Incentives and Solar Rebates

Getting a solar installation in Lake Elsinore is an investment that is a smart choice for property owners. It may seem expensive initially, but flexible financing programs are offered by many solar contractors in Lake Elsinore, giving homeowners options to reduce the cost of switching to solar energy in Lake Elsinore, Riverside County. Moreover, you can avail of federal solar rebates that will bring down the cost of a solar panel installation in Lake Elsinore by around 50-60 percent. The Million Solar Roofs Program is one such solar program in California that offers rebates of up to $2.50 per watt on a residential solar system, the usual cost of which is $6-7 per watt. Other Lake Elsinore solar incentives fall under the California Solar Initiative.

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