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Bordered by Long Beach on the south and the west, Lakewood is a city in Los Angeles County. A typical example of a post-World War II suburb in America, Lakewood is usually referred to as ‘an instant city’. It is called this because of how it originated; what was lima bean fields in 1950, became a well-planned and developed city in 1960. Lakewood is a planned community and was developed by Mark Taper, Louis Boyar, and Ben Weingart.

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As the electricity rates are rapidly increasing, people are turning to different options to reduce their energy usage. This is true in the case of the residents of Lakewood as well. Solar power in Lakewood is a clean, safe, and a renewable source of energy that is very cost-effective. After all, the sun does not charge us anything for its energy. You only need to spend money on solar panel installation in Lakewood once, and there are several financing options available. When you use a solar panel system, you will earn back the money spent in a couple of years. You can contact any one of the numerous solar companies in Lakewood to know more about how a lakewood solar installers can help you. A solar installation in Lakewood is not just easy on the wallet, it also helps reduce your carbon footprint by lowering the greenhouse gas emissions. You are also no longer dependent on the energy because you are creating your own electricity by installing solar panels in Lakewood.

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The cost of installing solar panels has been steadily decreasing over the years. The US Government has tried its best to encourage the use of solar energy by introducing various Lakewood solar incentives. Since Lakewood is a city in the Los Angeles County, there is no extra charge levied on home improvements related to solar energy. In other words, even though the overall rate of your property increases, there is no change in your property tax whatsoever. Certain financial institutions offer loans to home owners for solar power installation in Lakewood at lesser interest rates. The Federal Solar Tax Credit states that as a taxpayer, you can claim credit for approximately 30 percent of your expenditures on solar power system in Lakewood.

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