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Situated in Los Angeles County, Long Beach is the seventh largest city in California, and is located on the Pacific coast of Southern California. This populous city boasts a broad economic base that is centered on technology, tourism, manufacturing, and more. Long Beach is also fast becoming one of the leading solar cities in the United States.

Early in 2015, the City of Long Beach solar announced their plan to develop and install 4 solar power plants to produce energy for Long Beach with help from one of the best solar companies Long Beach, SunEdison. Under this developmental plan, the City of Long Beach hopes to save more than $60,000 in the first year alone. Going solar with the 4 power plants would equate to saving 3,249 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year or equal to taking 621 cars out of commission.

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Popularity Of Solar Panel Installers In Long Beach

Long beach solar power is a great option for residential as well as commercial owners. Here’s why:

  • As a part of Southern California, Long Beach receives plenty of sunlight throughout the year. This makes obtaining long beach solar energy a cinch with the right equipment.
  • As compared to the national average, Californians end up paying for utility usage at a much higher rate. This makes solar source long beach a great option, because homeowners can now make the smart choice of locking in utility rates by making their own energy.
  • Solar installers in Long Beach offer a number of industry standard services such as monitoring the amount of solar power created by the solar installation Long Beach, service warranties and 20+ years of warranty on the panels itself.
  • Solar energy companies Long Beach also offer a host of financing options such as buying outright, buying with loans, leasing, and power purchase agreements (PPA). These financing options help to reduce the upfront costs of solar installations.
  • The City of Long Beach solar initiative is dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint, and have lined up the steps that homeowners can take to avail solar rebates Long Beach.
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Make the smart choice of going solar Long Beach today to find out how much money you will be saving by choosing one of the top solar companies in Long Beach! Apply for free quote of Long Beach solar panel installers in Southern California and get estimate today!

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