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Moreno Valley in Riverside County is a sunny beautiful place that is environmentally friendly. Riverside County is the 4th most populous county in the state of California. The county boasts 186.9 Megawatts of installed solar capacity and ranks 3rd in California in this regard. According to California Solar Statistics, the total cost of solar projects in Riverside County is approximately $1,022,198,716 million, totaling to more than 14,984 applications. Moreno Valley enjoys a Mediterranean climate with long hot summers, and plenty of hot sunlight throughout the day. This makes it the perfect spot for harnessing solar energy.

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Popularity of Solar Energy Moreno Valley

There are many factors that add to the popularity of Moreno Valley Solar Solutions.

  • Solar is a clean and green option which is environmentally friendly. It also offers you an alternative to traditional and more expensive sources of energy.
  • Moreno Valley solar panels can help you save your hard-earned money! It is projected that California residents will continue to pay higher than the national average of electricity prices. In fact, the increase is estimated to be at the rate of 6.5 to 7 percent per year. In such a situation, not only is solar an environmentally friendly option, it is also a fiscally smart choice.
  • By opting for solar, you can cut your electricity bills by 65 percent or more!
  • Solar companies in Moreno Valley offer consumers some of the best discounted deals and financing options. Since the companies are vying for your attention, it puts you in a great place to make a comparatively cheap choice. Choose from the many options for a solar panel installation in Moreno Valley, and you can rest assured that you will be getting a good deal and technologically advanced solar panels Moreno Valley. Most solar companies in Moreno Valley offer options to lease the system or use a PPA, get the solar panel system at $0 down, or buy it with a loan.
  • The upfront cost of the system is further reduced due to the existence of the California Solar Initiative, municipal and county electricity provider Moreno Valley solar incentives, and federal tax credits.
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