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A charming seaside city, Newport Beach is located in the Orange County in Los Angeles. Home to Newport Harbor, the property values in this city have always been consistently high, when compared to the other cities in the country. The Newport Beach Pier with its boardwalk shops and outdoor mall provide you with some excellent shopping opportunities. There is plenty to do at Newport Beach, from boat trips to Catalina Island to swimming. You will always be drawn to the Pier in the evenings to look at breathtaking sunsets and to indulge in one of the waterside dining options here.

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Residents are turning to solar installation in Newport Beach because of the ever increasing electricity rates. As it is mostly sunny all year round, solar panels ensure that you can harness the solar energy in Newport Beach effectively. Installing solar panels not only adds to the property value, but it also utilizes a renewable form of green energy. It is not very difficult to install solar panels today because there are a number of solar companies in Newport Beach that can aid you. When you start using solar power in Newport Beach, there are various solar incentives and rebates that you can benefit from.

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Solar Rebates and Incentives in Newport Beach

The US Government introduced some solar incentives so that more and more people switch to solar energy in Newport Beach. One of these incentives is the Federal Tax Credits, wherein as a taxpayer, you can claim around 30 percent of your initial expenditure on solar power installation in Newport Beach. Both home owners and commercial building owners can benefit from this incentive, and it is applicable to both solar heating system as well as solar panel system.

Whenever you make any improvements to your home or office, taxes will be levied on such improvements and your property tax will increase. However, this is not the case with solar panel installation in Newport Beach. The state of Los Angeles does not levy any extra tax on solar panels, which means you increase the property value without changing your property taxes. Get estimates for top Newport Beach solar solutions today!

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