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The northernmost city along San Diego County’s coast, Oceanside hugs the southern border of Camp Pendleton that lies between Orange and San Diego counties. This city is close to the Camp Pendleton Marine base. And as such, there is a strong presence of military personnel, both on active duty as well as retired. Oceanside was incorporated in 1888. However, it has been the site of human dwellings for a much longer time. Primarily inhabited by Native Americans, this area was explored by the first Europeans when they arrived in 1769.

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The pride of this city is easily the existence of some of the widest and largest beaches in the whole of San Diego County. These beaches beckon tourist populations throughout the year. Another major tourist attraction is the city pier that measures 1,954 feet, and is reckoned as the longest wooden pier anywhere along the West Coast. The pier as built way back in 1888 at the time of the city’s incorporation. Mission San Luis Rey is also located here.


The demographics of this city include a lot of young and nuclear families as it offers plenty of affordable housing options. Oceanside is ranked as the third-largest city in San Diego County, and boasts a population of 185,000 plus people. With a large number of homes and commercial premises, Oceanside solar solutions have many takers here. Fast becoming a popular spot for solar power Oceanside, residents have the options of installing panels on the roofs or mounting them on the ground, depending on the location of their home and their preferences. Oceanside solar companies offer both these services, as well as the most technologically advanced Oceanside solar panels.

A solar panel installation in Oceanside is a viable idea in the inland areas as well as along the coast. This city receives over 300 days of sunshine, and that is more than enough to create viable, clean, and green, environmentally-friendly solar panels in Oceanside. The city is also making efforts on behalf of its residents. In fact, a recently approved solar power Oceanside project is all set to install solar panels at 5 city facilities, which is estimated to save approximately $8 million over a 25-year solar panels Oceanside contract.

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