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Located in the southwestern part of San Bernardino County, the city of Ontario is geographically close to downtown Los Angeles. Founded in September 1881 by George Chaffey Jr. and his brother William, the city was named after the hometown of the duo. From the first hunters and foragers the Tongva Serrano who called Ontario home to Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Hispanic, and Eastern workers, Ontario has been a melting pot of a lot of nationalities and cultures.

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After its founding, Ontario’s economy was mainly driven by the services it offered as a health resort. The rocky soil in the city has been agriculturally productive, particularly when it comes to lemon, orange, olive, and grape plants. In fact, one of the city’s historical landmarks and one of the oldest establishments in the city is the Graber Olive House that continues to produce quality olives to this day. Post-industrialization, the city became a robust manufacturing center. Today, manufacturing may not be a major part of the industries in Ontario, San Bernardino County, but the economy is kept bolstered by service industries and warehousing. The LA/Ontario International Airport is the biggest employer here, and is also recognized as the 15th busiest airport in the country based on mass freight and cargo carried.

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Similar to the rest of cities in the rest of California, Ontario has also historically paid higher utility rates than the national average. According to the US Energy Information Administration, residential electricity prices in Ontario averaged at 17.36 cents per kilowatt/hour (¢/kWh) in November 2015, which was approximately 36 percent more than the overall U.S. average residential electricity rate of 12.73¢/kWh in November. By moving to solar energy Ontario - San Bernardino, California, the residents can lock in lowered utility rates, and start saving money from the very first day.

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The process of switching to solar panels Ontario is as easy as looking for the best solar companies in Ontario, California and applying for the solar rebates, and Ontario solar incentives. There are a number of viable Ontario solar solutions that are available to homeowners as well as commercial property owners.

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