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Ventura County has been ranked as one of the top 15 California counties with maximum solar capacity installations, according to California Solar Statistics. The people of Oxnard in Ventura County are no strangers to solar energy. With more than 58 Megawatts of solar capacity, 4,737 installation applications, and $322,056,462 spent on solar projects, Ventura is a leader in solar energy installation and awareness. When it comes to Oxnard Solar Solutions, there are a number of options for residents to choose from. From top Oxnard solar companies to technologically advanced Oxnard solar panels, residents will be spoilt for choice.

Searching for top Solar Panel Companies in Oxnard

Opting for Solar Power in Oxnard

Located in California, Oxnard is one of the cities that is blessed with naturally available sunlight. This makes harvesting Oxnard solar power a viable and easy prospect. Other than the ready availability of natural sunlight, there are a number of reasons why you should consider opting for solar energy Oxnard.

  • Rising Cost of Electricity
    As compared to the national average, residents in California end up paying almost 30 percent more than the average cost of electricity. When you break down the numbers, this means that most residents pay upwards of $1,400 in electricity bills per year! Oxnard solar companies offer the residents a way to harvest the sun’s natural and clean energy at an affordable rate. In fact, by installing solar panels Oxnard, smart homeowners can save money on utility bills from day one, while also protecting themselves against the rising costs of electricity by locking in lower rates.
  • Solar Rebates in Oxnard
    Residents opting to use Oxnard solar power can make use of the solar rebates under the California Solar Initiative, Oxnard solar incentives program, tax credits, etc. According to the CSI, solar rebates in Oxnard can reduce the cost of harvesting solar power in Oxnard by up to 70 percent.
  • Cost of Solar Panel Installation in Oxnard
    Solar companies in Oxnard offer a number of financing options, which include buying outright or with loans, leasing or getting a power purchase agreement (PPA), and even zero down solar options.
Find top Solar Installers in Oxnard

If you are a resident of Oxnard in Ventura County looking forward to making the smart move to solar energy Oxnard, get your estimates today!

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