Residential Solar Panel Installation in Pico Rivera CA

Located in the southeastern part of Los Angeles County in the United States, the city of Pico Rivera came into existence in 1958 after two historic communities, Pico and Rivera, came together and voted for the incorporation. After the establishment of the city council, Pico Rivera officially became Los Angeles County’s 61st city. Over the years, the city has grown in size and witnessed many business establishments, but it still has a serenity to it that is perfect for families looking for a peaceful community to live and work in. Many new housing developments, ample open spaces for recreation, and a good number of educational institutions make Pico Rivera an ideal place for families to settle in.

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Popularity of Solar Panel Company in Pico Rivera

Los Angeles County, including Pico Rivera, receives more sunlight annually than any other county, making it a smart choice for residents to switch to solar installation in Pico Rivera. Both the federal and state governments have been putting in efforts to help homeowners in California convert to solar energy in Pico Rivera by offering solar incentives, and the past few years have seen many residents opting for this renewable source of energy. If you go for a solar panel installation in Pico Rivera, it can help bring down your monthly utility bills by 50% without causing any harm to the environment. Many solar companies in Pico Rivera offer solar panel installation services at attractive rates. It is estimated that in the next two decades, more than 60% of homes will convert to solar power in Pico Rivera.

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Pico Rivera Solar Rebates and Solar Incentives

The cost of Pico Rivera solar panel companies has seen a significant drop in the past few years with the many solar incentives by the government. Following the Million Solar Roofs initiative, the overall price of residential solar systems came down by 25% in California, while the price of solar systems for commercial establishments saw a drop of over 40%. Moreover, the California Solar Initiative (CSI) offers cash back on the installation of solar panels in Pico Rivera. Add to that the Solar Investment Tax Credit, and you can cut down the price of solar power installation in Pico Rivera by approximately 30%.

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