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Located in Tulare County’s San Joaquin Valley, Porterville is a part of the Visalia-Porterville metropolitan statistical area. The city was first incorporated in 1902, and went on to annex a number of unincorporated areas that surrounded it. Placed between the beautiful sylvan retreats of Sequoia National Forest, Kings Canyon National Park, and the Giant Sequoia National Monument, Porterville is popular with tourists who want to enter these forested wonderlands. Over the years, there has been a slow yet sure shift to solar panel installation porterville.

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History of Porterville

Back in the 1800s, the San Joaquin Valley was mostly an overlooked area. Emigrants made their way to Porterville only in 1826 or thereabouts. Prairie schooners stopped here in search of gold during 1849-1852. While most of the gold seekers only used Porterville as a rest stop during their search for the next big payload, there were a few who thought that this land was actually rich enough to settle down in. These discerning few stayed back to set up farms, and open up the very first stores in this city.

Even 100+ years after its incorporation, this city draws much of its economic strength from its strong agricultural industry. Home to the Persian lime, Porterville’s agriculture revolves around citrus and livestock. However, many small companies and industry mavens like Wal-Mart, National Vitamin, Standard Register, etc. have a center at Porterville. Similarly, larger public facilities such as the Porterville Developmental Center and the Porterville College campus of the Kern Community College District call this city home.

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Susceptible to atmospheric inversion wherein the exhaust smoke created by vehicles, locomotives, agricultural equipment, etc. tends to stay put, Porterville suffers through a bad case of air pollution with smog. While many other cities also have this problem, rainfall clears out the smog for them. In Porterville though, the rainfall received is a bare minimum. This has led to the passage of the Clean Air Act, and other environmentally friendly laws. In an effort to stay and grow green, the Porterville solar power industry has also grown by leaps and bounds. With many top solar installers Porterville offering the best solar panels and installations, solar power in Porterville is a popular option. Solar rebates in Porterville, as well as locally and centrally offered Porterville solar incentives only sweeten the deal.

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