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A city in California’s San Bernardino County, Redlands was originally inhabited by people of the Morongo and Aguas Calientes tribes. It is regarded as the "Jewel of the Inland Empire” and is home to a number of historic sites. In 1882, Redlands got its first orange grove, planted by E. J. Waite of Wisconsin, and for many years, the region was one of the largest producers of navel oranges in the world. However, the citrus industry in Redlands came to a gradual decline, and today only one citrus packing house remains in the area.

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Popularity of Solar Energy in Redlands

Today, an increasing number of city officials as well as residents understand the need of solar power in Redlands owing to the rapid climate change and energy crisis in California. Switching to solar panels in Redlands is an easy job, considering the multitude of solar companies that offer solar panel installation in Redlands. By opting for solar energy in your home or office, you not only help to make a green change, but can also significantly bring down your electricity bills. In addition, the perk of a solar installation in Redlands is that you can avail of various Redlands solar incentives.

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Solar Rebates in Redlands

Tax incentives for residents who decide to go for Redlands solar program are many, as the government wants to help you in making this transition. The Redlands solar rebate that you will get depends primarily on the type of property that you plan to install solar panels in. Once you choose a solar panel installation in Redlands, the authorities will give you a form that states the amount of tax rebate you will receive. The approximate solar Incentive in Redlands is about 30 percent of the cost of the installation. There are numerous solar installers in Redlands, and you can pick the one that suits your requirements the best. Remember that Redlands solar incentives have certain time constraints, so opt for a solar power panel installation in Redlands at the earliest and reap the maximum benefits out of the change.

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