Direct Energy Solar Company Reviews

Direct Energy solar customer reviews California leads the nation with more than 247,099 solar projects! Thousands of business and home owners have chosen to go solar Southern California owing to community support, lowered cost of solar, financing options, and solar rebates Southern California. Changing to solar is easier in SoCal because there are a number of solar companies in Southern California that qualify as top-notch global solar installers. If you are thinking of solar power in Los Angeles and SoCal, it is important for you to review the best solar companies in Southern California to find the one that suits your specific needs the best. Previously known as Astrum Solar, Direct Energy Solar is one of the reputed Southern California solar companies.

Overview of Direct Energy Solar

Established in 2007, Direct Energy Solar has earned an A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. The company focuses on providing top-notch services and equipment to residential solar panel customers. They have a strong presence in seven states across the country, and in Washington D.C. As compared to other solar companies Southern California, Direct Energy Solar stands apart owing to their usage of Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs). Direct sells these SRECs to companies, and therefore, manages to help homeowners save a little more than they would have otherwise.

Direct energy solar company reviews

Why Direct Energy Solar

  • Micro-inverter Usage
    Direct Energy Solar is one of the few solar companies in Los Angeles and SoCal that uses micro-inverters in all their solar panel installations. Micro-inverters offer proven technology that helps make solar panels 16 percent more efficient and productive. In addition to micro-inverters, the company also uses avant-garde technology such as silicate crystal solar panels. These panels are much more durable as compared to others, as they can withstand hailstorms and other impact-disasters.
  • Certification
    All Direct Energy Solar panels are customized to suit your specific needs. Furthermore, the solar installation Los Angeles and SoCal takes place under the supervision of a NABCEP-Certified PV Installer. This certification is the PV solar installation gold standard in the country.
  • Plenty of Options
    Direct Energy Solar offers a number of options when it comes to going solar Southern California. These include an industry-leading service warranty, customized roof design, buying or leasing options, as little as $0 down, online monitoring, and a 25-year solar panels warranty.

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