Horizon Solar Power Company Reviews

Horizon solar power user reviews Solar power is a hot topic, especially in Southern California. More and more homeowners are making the smart move to solar power in Southern California today. The great demand has resulted in a number of solar companies in Southern California, each offering the “best” services. But how do you know which of these are really the best solar companies in Southern California?

Horizon Solar Power is a local Hemet, California-based company that holds a sizeable chunk of solar installations in Southern California. Here’s a look at their services and offerings, so you can decide if Horizon is the best solar installer for your needs.

Overview of Horizon Solar Power

Horizon Solar Power is a family owned and operated Southern California solar installer. Established in 1998, the company has already installed more than 5000 residential solar panels in Southern California, and is reckoned as one of the fastest family owned solar installers in the area. Initially headquartered out of Hemet, the company also has a couple of braches in Redlands and Palm Springs. Its motto is to offer solar electricity to homeowners at discounted prices.

Horizon solar power customer reviews

Why Horizon Solar Power

This privately owned solar power company specializes in Riverside solar installations and San Bernardino solar power installation. Its primary market is residential solar power in Southern California, and the company undertakes solar electric and solar pool heating system installations at warehouse prices.

  • Solar power projects are customized and designed for your specific electrical and financial needs.
  • The company offers assistance with federal tax credits and solar power rebates in Southern California.
  • Horizon Solar Power offers several financial plans and pricing models so homeowners don’t have to worry about high installation, panels, and materials fee. With a $0 cost installation, customers are only required to pay for the power produced.
  • Most utility companies offer a one to three year lock-in rate period with their solar power installations in Southern California. Horizon Solar Power, on the other hand, offers a 20-year locked-in power rate.
  • The company also offers a referral bonus, which enables current customers to earn additional credit by referring potential customers to the company.

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