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Find More Information about Pacific Sun Technologies Review There are numerous benefits of going solar, especially in a solar hotbed like Southern California. Not only will you be using clean and green energy in the form of solar power, but you will also be privy to some of the best solar energy harvesting companies and the discounts and incentives that they offer.

If you have been thinking of switching to solar energy to save your hard earned money and reduce your carbon footprint, this is the perfect time to do so. With so many companies offering solar energy panels and installations at discounted rates, it might be a challenging task to find the right company for you if you do not look up a solar company review and compare solar company ratings. Pacific Sun Technologies company reviews can help you figure out if it is the best company for your residential solar power needs.

Why PST Solar Power?

With many positive Pacific Sun Technologies user reviews, this company is one of the best solar energy companies that you can opt for in Southern California. Having been in business for over 30 years, it is PST’s mission to help the nation, and particularly SoCal, to shift away from using fossil fuel-driven energy to using clean renewable solar energy. Qualified and licensed by the California Contractors State License Board, this company is fully insured and bonded to provide all types of renewable energy systems like 2kW residential solar power systems.

The company offers two basic types of solar system installations which are roof mounted systems and ground mounted systems. They also offer additional services such as solar pool filtration, solar gate openers, and solar attic fans. The company offers a 10 year additional warranty added to the individual warranties by the manufacturers.

Pacific Sun Technologies company user reviews

Pacific Sun Technologies offers a number of incentives and financing options that have netted them many a positive Pacific Sun Technologies customer review. If you are looking for a reputed and well-known local solar energy company that offers many benefits for going solar, Pacific Sun Technologies might just be the company you are looking for.

Read up the Pacific Sun Technologies customer review and recommendations, and check if you are eligible for their services. Get your estimates and get started with solar today!

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