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Petersen dean roofing reviews  California is a state that lays great emphasis on moving away from fossil fuel-driven power to solar power. A hotbed for solar energy harvesting, the state receives ample of sunshine throughout the year, and the state government works hard to make it easier for residents to opt for solar energy with a number of rebates, incentives, and tax credits.

By taking advantage of these benefits, residents of Southern California have the chance to reduce their electricity bills, hedge against future rise of conventional utility prices, while reducing their carbon footprint. There are many solar power companies in SoCal, and so choosing one over the other may sound like a challenging task. This is where solar company ratings and individual solar company review can help you to a large extent. Read up on PetersenDean solar reviews to understand whether this is the right company for you.

Overview of PetersenDean Solar

PetersenDean has been an integral part of the US solar power industry since it was established in 1984. It provides solar power installations for residential and commercial premises for a number of states in the United States. Headquartered in Northern California, this company is unique for a number of reasons. Not only is it the largest US roofing and solar contractor that is privately held, it also offers a unique market approach called Solar4America. Under this approach, PetersenDean is the only company that discloses the price of their solar installation and roofing services on their website.

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PetersenDean user reviews recommend the company for the multitude of packages that are offered complete with pricing information. From solar systems with just 6 panels to more than 36 panels, the packages are comprehensive, and the prices are calculated after including the federal and state tax credits that SoCal residents will receive.

Other benefits of opting for this company according to PetersenDean customer review and ratings include a 30-year warranty, reinstallation guarantees, trade-in and transfer guarantees, 30-year solar production protection, as well as multiple financing options. The projects portfolio on their website give you an in-depth view of the kind of projects the company has completed.

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