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SolarCity user reviews Purchasing a solar panel system is an investment that will last you decades. When it comes to residential solar panel installations, California leads the country. Of course, this also means that there are dozens of solar manufacturing companies that have sprung up around Southern California. A homeowner has the responsibility of choosing the most suitable from the many Southern California solar companies. One of the companies that makes it to the list of best solar companies in Southern California regularly is SolarCity. Here’s everything you need to know about SolarCity and their offerings, so you can make the best choice of Southern California solar for your home.

Overview of SolarCity

SolarCity is the most prolific solar panel installer in Southern California. Being the largest installer, SolarCity has consistently contributed more solar to the grid than any of the other solar companies in Los Angeles and indeed, the United States. In Southern California alone, SolarCity is responsible for over 5,500 residential solar panel installations.

The man at the helm of this company is none other than the CEO of Tesla Motors and Space X, Elon Musk. SolarCity’s chairman has made a name for himself with his innovative business models and pursuits in the renewable energy sector. All of his companies – Space X, Tesla Motors, and SolarCity – have made it to the list of FastCompany’s top 50 Most Innovative Companies list. With a prolific presence in 14 states, SolarCity has installed over 10,000 solar panel systems across the nation. Of these, 700 installations were in the Los Angeles solar sector alone.

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What They Offer

SolarCity offers solar panels Los Angeles and in Southern California at the rate of $5.39 per watt, which is a highly competitive rate in the area. The cost per watt for leases by Solar City is $5.49 which is almost the same as the California average. The company uses solar panels from reputable sources in the industry such as Trina Solar and Canadian Solar.

Currently ranked #1 as per the California Solar Initiative (CSI), SolarCity is a full-service solar company that offers $0 upfront installation so you can start saving with solar right away. It also offers 24/7 system monitoring solutions so you can track how much energy your panels are creating. Other facilities include no cost repairs and a home protection guarantee. The company also offers a number of financing options, custom designed systems, and 1 day installation.

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