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Sungevity – Solar Panels Company Review Going solar is a great option for residents of Southern California. Not only is the sun’s energy freely available in a land that sees more than 300 days of bright sunlight, it is also completely green, and ensures that you are no longer at the mercy of conventional utility companies and their sky-rocketing prices. Under the Southern California Solar Initiative, there are a number of rebates, incentives, and credits that you can bank on so that the overall cost of going solar is greatly reduced for you. It is important to check solar company ratings and read many an unbiased solar company review so you can zero in on one provider to fulfil your solar needs.

Sungevity is a reputed full-service solar panel installer that caters to customers in over 13 states across the country, including all of California. Sungevity reviews CA show that it offers a highly competitive cost per watt rate to customers. It has also won awards for its excellent solar panel system. Furthermore, Sungevity is accredited by the Better Business Bureau as well.

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Established in 2006, Sungevity offers solar power solutions along with a full warranty, multiple financing options, and advanced monitoring capabilities. Sungevity user reviews recommend this company for offering benefits such as a free iQuote, dedicated project manager, performance guarantees, and 24/7 monitoring options. The company is emerging as one of the top home solar companies in the solar power industry. For those who qualify, Sungevity goes an extra mile to make the prospect of going solar more affordable. Sungevity customer review and recommendations applaud the company for offering four payment options: an outright purchasing options, a solar loan, a lease, as well as a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

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Ranked #1 by a number of independent surveys, one of the unique selling points of this company is the iQuote tool that is custom-designed for each customer. The tool takes care of paperwork generation automatically. Other top features offered by this company include custom-built panels, online monitoring of production v. usage, easy access to solar representatives, best in class warranties, and more. Even after the end of the contract, Sungevity offers you options to assign the energy plan to new homeowners, prepay remaining payments, etc. The Sungevity app can be accessed through all smart devices, and helps you track your usage, savings, and energy footprint.

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