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Vivint user reviews Vivint Solar is one of the most popular solar companies in Southern California. Not only does it handle a large chunk of Southern California solar, the company also has a presence in a number of other states across the country such as Arizona, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Utah. Here’s everything you need to know about Vivint Solar and its many offerings to decide whether it is the best solar Southern California company to suit your specific needs.

Overview of Vivint Solar

Based out of Lehi, Utah, Vivint Solar was established in 2011. This American solar energy company offers customized designs, installation, and end-to-end maintenance of PV solar panel systems for residential needs. One of the first companies in the country to launch a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) option for customers, Vivint schemes enables customers to pay only for the solar power produced and thereby, limit the risk in the 20-year contract they offer. The company has made it to the Forbes list of America’s Most Promising Companies, and recent news suggests that it has been merged with one of the best solar companies in Southern California, SunEdison. This increases their reach within the solar Southern California sector.

Vivint solar energy review

Why to Choose Vivint Solar

With a Better Business Bureau accreditation of A+, Vivint is one of the better known Southern California solar panel companies. Under the PPA agreement they offer, customers have only to purchase the solar energy created by the solar panels, instead of paying a hefty lease on the solar panel system. On the same count, Vivint does not offer customers the option of buying a solar panel system outright. A PPA reduces the up-front cost of a home solar system.

Vivint differs from other solar utility companies because it provides a guaranteed level of energy production. According to the company’s guarantee, a customer can expect a Vivint system to reduce their energy bill by 20-30 percent. If the system does not produce the guaranteed energy as per the agreement, the customer gets compensated for it.

Along with professional consultation, design, and installation, Vivint Solar also uses top-notch Zep technology to drive their solar panels Southern California installations. Zep technology ensures that the installation is rail-free, which reduces the cost and time of installing solar panels Southern California. Another technological advancement is the use of a micro-inverter instead of a centralized inverter. This addition ensures an improvement of 15-20 percent in the efficiency of the residential solar panel system.

Overall, the company has good solar panels review, and if you are interested in a PPA option, then Vivint Solar is one of the best solar companies in Southern California for you.

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