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Locally known as SLO County, San Luis Obispo County comprises the San Luis Obispo-Paso Robles-Arroyo Grande, CA Metropolitan Statistical Area. It is strategically located between the SF Bay Area and Los Angeles, and right along the Pacific Ocean. Though the county is far from large metro areas, its location is perfect for solar energy harvesting. This is great for residents of San Luis Obispo County, who can switch from conventional electricity to solar power, save a bundle of money, and go green at the same time!

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Sunlight is an infinite and renewable source of energy. The only price associated with using solar energy is the equipment you use to create it, i.e. the solar panels San Luis Obispo County. With more than 300 days of sunlight in a year, San Luis Obispo County is very well-placed for creating solar energy. Smart homeowners can now lock in lowered electricity rates, and protect against increasing utility prices in California.

The average price of electricity in California is 30 percent higher than the national average. If you consider that an average household consumes about 7,000 kWh of energy per year, it means that the average cost of electricity per annum is over $1,400! With solar energy, you can reduce this electricity bill by 65 percent or more!

Solar Rebates San Luis Obispo County

Buying a solar installation San Luis Obispo County is an investment that might be too expensive for some homeowners. The best thing is that the state of California is devoted to exploring solar energy as a feasible mode of clean electricity creation. For this, there are a number of California Solar Initiative rebates that you can apply for. Other than this, there are federal tax credits that reduce the cost of a solar panel San Luis Obispo County installation by 30 percent! Incentive programs provided by CA municipal and local utility companies also help offset the upfront cost.

Solar companies in San Luis Obispo County contend with each other to offer the best and most profitable financing options like buying, leasing, PPAs, and zero down solar options to homeowners.

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