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Santa Clarita in Los Angeles County is situated right in the heart of Southern California’s solar power industry. If you’ve been in two minds about whether or not to make the move to solar, here is everything you need to know about opting for Santa Clarita solar power in a nutshell:

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Solar Power in Santa Clarita Can Save You Money

In Santa Clarita, like the rest of California, conventional electric utility prices have doubled up since 1990. Furthermore, estimates show that the rates will continue to increase at approximately 3-4 percent per annum. In such a situation, the need of the hour is to find a way to lock in low utility rates and hedge against the ever-increasing prices. This is where solar panels Santa Clarita can help you. With a number of solar rebates, incentives, and tax credits in place, the prospect of moving to solar is now cheaper than ever before.

Meanwhile, the amount of savings that you can be privy to by going solar are as high as ever. In fact, by moving to solar energy Santa Clarita, residents stand to save approximately $1,250 per year on an average electricity bill of $150 per month! When you consider that the lifespan an average solar panel installation in Santa Clarita is about 25-30 years, the savings increase in a dramatic manner.

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Other Benefits of Installing Santa Clarita Solar Panels

The state and federal government offer many incentives, tax credits and solar rebates in Santa Clarita. With so many companies providing Santa Clarita Solar Solutions, picking just one may be a difficult task. However, all of these Santa Clarita solar companies are vying for your attention, and bidding for your project. This means that the consumers get to choose the best options from a number of local solar companies in Santa Clarita. Other than lowered utility bills (by 65 percent and more), multiple financing options such as $0 down and leasing, and energy dependence, getting santa clarita solar installers also means that the value of your home increase in a resale market.

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