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We believe that the energy choices made by each individual have a significant and direct impact on the environment. Your carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases that your day-to-day activities cause. As carbon footprints become larger day by day, the amount of environmental damage caused is exponential. The state of California is one of the pioneering states when it comes to making efforts to minimize carbon footprints and boost the use of renewable energy. California aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions drastically by 2020, under The Global Warming Solutions Act.

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How much does a residential solar panel system reduce carbon footprints by? A residential solar panel system generates the amount of electricity needed for a single home with approximately 80% lowered carbon emissions as compared to non-renewable sources like fossil fuels!

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We provide expert assistance to guide home and commercial property owners in locating firms which offer affordable panels for generation of solar power for homes in Southern California.

Here are some of our esteemed solar power help services online:

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Residential Solar Power Southern California

Secure 24/7 power for running your household by getting an advanced residential solar energy system installed at your home. The first step is to understand the total amount of power that a solar system can generate at your home. Once you use the energy required for daily purposes, you can easily sell the excess power back to the utility grid. This is possible because Southern California uses a net metering policy. Essentially, this means that homeowners have to pay only for the net amount of electricity used. The excess solar system power can be banked or sent back to the grid. This makes homeowners eligible to receive up to 100% credit at full retail electricity price that can then be used later!

Commercial Solar Power

Get a commercial solar power generation system installed at your office or commercial property as per your specific business needs and requirements. Our national network of solar power companies offer custom-built solutions for Southern California businesses. As all systems are connected to the power grid, the excess power generated can be sold back to utility, ensuring higher savings.

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Benefits Of Solar Power in Southern California

Perhaps, the best benefit of using solar power is that your energy bills will reduce from the very first day! By harnessing solar energy using solar panels and PV cells, homeowners can use the Southern Californian sun to generate clean, green and free electricity. Unlike electricity generated from fossil fuels and other non-renewable sources, solar energy is produced without carbon dioxide emissions, making it one of the greenest alternatives.

There are some Property owners could think of working with reputed commercial and residential solar power southern California companies. Some of these may be as under:

  • Solar energy is renewable – Essentially, solar energy is energy generated from the rays of the sun, which are unlimited and free.
  • Enables saving a lot of money – If you get solar panels installed on your roof, you do not need the costly electricity generated by the utility company. This will help in lowering heating as well as cooling costs in your home. In fact, an optimum solar system may be able to help you save about 65% on your electricity bills.
  • Benefit from incentives and rebates – The federal government and California state government offer incentives by way of tax credits to people who have turned to renewable solar energy. The actual amount depends upon your house’s exact location.
  • Self-reliance for all power needs – Systems designed by our network of solar power plant companies in Southern California will enable you to be self-reliant as far as all your energy requirements are concerned.
  • Serves to increase your house’s value – By getting quality solar panels installed at your home, you can raise the market value of your home by as much as $20 per $1 saved in annual electricity bills!

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