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Situated in Los Angeles County, Torrance is a coastal community in the southwestern part of the County. The weather in this area is similar to that in Great Los Angeles. This means that the city sees more than 300 days of sunlight. This is one of the many reasons why Torrance is making an entry into the list of solar power-friendly cities in California. Choosing one from the many Solar installers in Torrance is not an easy task simply because of the large number of choices that consumers will have. However, solar company ratings and reviews can help you narrow down your choices to a great extent. It is important to research the exact offerings and rates quoted by Torrance solar companies before choosing one over the other, as going solar is a long-term investment and commitment.

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Popularity of Solar in Torrance

Solar power Torrance is a great option for residential as well as commercial property-holders. Here’s why:

  • As a part of Los Angeles in Southern California, Torrance receives lots of sunlight throughout the year. This makes harnessing solar energy Torrance very easy as long as you have the right equipment.
  • As compared to the national average, Californians have always paid more for utility usage. Studies show that traditional utility prices are slated to increase steadily at the rate of 3-4 percent per annum. This makes solar panels Torrance a great option, because homeowners can now make the smart choice of locking in lower utility rates by choosing to make their own energy.
  • Solar installers Torrance offer a number of industry standard services such as monitoring the amount of solar power created by the solar power installations in Torrance. Other benefits include service warranties and 20+ years of warranty on the panels itself.
  • Solar companies in Torrance also offer a number of financing options such as buying the system outright, buying with the help of loans, leasing, and power purchase agreements (PPA). These financing options help to reduce the upfront costs of Torrance solar solutions.
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