Importance Of Whittier Solar Panel Installers

One of the main valleys in Southern California, the San Gabriel Valley lies to the east of the Los Angeles city and is home to Whittier. Located in the County of Los Angeles, Whittier is named after John Greenleaf Whittier, who was a poet. It is a part of the Gateway Cities and spreads for around 14.7 square miles.

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Why Is Investing In Solar Energy in Whittier is a Great Idea?

Whittier gets a lot of sun during the day because of its location that is 18 miles inland of the Pacific Ocean. History shows that the electricity prices in California are always on the rise, while the property rates are always decreasing. One of the ways to reduce the dependence on conventional electric consumption and utilize the solar power in Whittier is to install solar panels. There are numerous solar companies in Whittier that can help answer all your questions about solar energy. When you engage in solar panel installation in Whittier, you can take advantage of this renewable green energy. What’s more, you can benefit from several Whittier solar incentives, if you switch over to solar energy.

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Solar Rebates in Whittier

Once you decide on a solar company in Whittier, take advantage of some of these solar rebates that come in the form of tax exemptions and tax credits.

  • Tax Exemption – Even though the solar power installation in Whittier will increase the property value of your home or business, the state of California does not reassess your property tax based on this improvement. In simpler terms, you do not have to worry about paying new property taxes. Just keep in mind that this tax exemption can only be cashed on by manufacturers and not purchasers.
  • LADWP Feed-in Tariff (FIT) – The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has a feed-in tariff that can be utilized by you, if you are using solar panels in Whittier. Under this tariff, you will be paid for feeding the generated renewable electricity in the utility grid.
  • Federal Solar Rebates – As a taxpayer, you can claim a credit of around 30 percent of whatever expenditures you have incurred while installing a solar system. These Whittier solar rebates are applicable to both home owners as well as owners of commercial buildings.

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