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Alhambra is a city in the county of Los Angeles that is located on the western side of the San Gabriel Valley. Roughly 8 miles away from the downtown LA civic center, the city of Alhambra was incorporated in the year 1903. Most of the homes in this city have historical significance because this was originally ‘a city of homes’. Here you will find different types of architectural styles, including and not limited to Spanish colonial, Spanish Mediterranean, and Italian beaux-arts. The largest contributor to this city’s economy are car dealerships that represent brands such as Nissan, Volkswagen, BMW, and Ford.

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Popularity of Solar Power in Alhambra

The county of Los Angeles receives more sun than perhaps any other county in the country. This is good news for the homeowners in Alhambra because they can utilize the solar energy for various purposes. Solar panel installation in Alhambra homes and offices is one way of cutting down your electricity usage. Installing solar panels in Alhambra is quite an easy process, all you need to do is contact one of the several solar companies in Alhambra. Solar energy in Alhambra makes it easier for you by providing you with a free energy assessment that will help you find solar solutions to use energy effectively. Switching to Alhambra solar power ensures lower utility bills and energy independence.

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Alhambra Solar Incentives

The US Government as well as the State Government have launched several solar rebates in Alhambra so as to encourage people to switch to solar energy. These solar incentives in Alhambra are applicable to both homeowners as well as owners of commercial buildings. According to the Federal Solar Tax Credit, you can claim credit for approximately 30 percent of what you have spent on the Alhambra solar panels program. When you are thinking of taking loans for installing solar panels, there are numerous banks that offer them at lower interest rates. You can also install a net energy metering, which ensures that you receive credits for the surplus energy that you supply back to the grid. Some of the other financing options include solar leasing and a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

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